May 22, 2013

⪻ Native Funk & Flash ⪼

Native Funk & Flash is among the holiest of my style bibles. Every handmade creation blows me away. Long out of print, it will soon be reissued! 


  1. Fell in love with this book when I stumbled on it as a teen at my local library. Definitely mind-blowing and beyond inspirational. Was lucky enough to meet and interview Lee of Alex & Lee a couple of years ago about his wonderful creations. Glad to hear the book is being reissued so others can enjoy the amazingness...

  2. That is so amazing you got to interview Lee of Alex & Lee. This book is my everything. I can't get enough. I am going to blog American Denim next. I'm really happy Native Funk & Flash is getting reissued too. Endless inspiration! Thanks for checking out my blog. x Tracy

  3. So cool... This is tempting me to buy this book, the more pictures I see.. The more I am inspired!