August 31, 2011

◿⋚⊼⋛◺ Ancient Sumer ◿⋚⊼⋛◺

What's old is new & you can't get any older than Sumerians. Thousands of years before Egypt's old kingdom, these marsh dwellers were recording their lives and legends in cuneiform script. The calendar and mathematics we use today were given to us by the Sumerians. They claimed to have learned many of these secrets from Oannes, a deity with the body of a fish and a man's body beneath, which lived in the Persian Gulf and emerged periodically to provide instructions. No one can say exactly where this knowledge came from, but it served as the foundation of civilization and marked the beginning of recorded history. Their achievements in astronomy and architecture were unparalleled in the world of 3000 BC. What the ancients knew, we have yet to comprehend.....
Photographs from the Sumer book by Andre Parrot from the Arts of Man series.

August 29, 2011

⊰⊰⟐⊱⊱Linda Beecroft of Golden Animals⊰⊰⟐⊱⊱

Linda's photography visually communicates the sound & feeling of her band 
Golden Animals. It's a psychedelic desert landscape that is bluesy & sun bleached. As long as I've known Linda her style has been a prophecy of cool. She is a beautiful person inside & out!  

Linda's inspiring tumblr:

August 25, 2011

Soul ☯ Mates

It's hard to believe this time last year Stephen and I were days away from getting married. We had our celebration on the beach at Leo Carrillo, California. Featherbeard was our cosmic officiant and even had the Funkadelic song "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" read by an alien during our ceremony! What a blessing it has been to love and be loved endlessly.

Photographs taken by Carmen Hawk, Kristin Korven & Courtney Brooke

Featherbeard's website:
One of my favorite FB songs 

August 21, 2011

▽▽▽ Mark Borthwick △△△

My memories of Mark Borthwick's 2006 exhibition "IS MY NATURE THE ONLY WAY?" still resonate with me. It took place at the Journal gallery in New York City and featured his photography, poetry and performanceI experienced his vision of a creative utopia over many nights. Weekly dinner gatherings were open to all.
Below are a few photographs from that show & photographs from his Bird's set Sun's book.