November 30, 2013

⑃⑃⑃ Over Time ⑃⑃⑃

Paintings based on 3D landscape topographies derived from graph data by 

◹◹◹ Sunshine Valley ◸◸◸

From the heart of New Mexico, Three Arrows Leather fall/winter lookbook.

November 17, 2013

⧔⫶⫶ Before They Pass Away ⫶⫶⧕

In 2009, Jimmy Nelson began his journey traveling to 31 different tribes around the world. His goal was to experience their rituals and discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever. Before They Pass Away is a photographic masterpiece that documents a fast disappearing world. 
Watch the heartwarming TED talk below where Jimmy shares his experience and lessons learned along the way. 

"Tribes and forgotten cultures teach us about aspects of humanity such as love, respect, peace, survival and sharing. There is a pure beauty in their goals and family ties, their belief in gods and nature, and their will to do the right thing in order to be taken care of when their time comes. Whether in Papua New Guinea or in Kazakhstan, in Ethiopia or in Siberia, tribes are the last resorts of natural simplicity." -Jimmy Nelson
The Mustang
The Goroka
The Karo
The Vanuatu
The Maori
The Huli
The Kalam
The Maasai
The Mursi
The Ladakhi 
The Tibetans
The Drokpa
The Samburu
The Himba
The Rabari
The Kazakh