July 25, 2014

✺ Witch Doctors and Healers ✺

Photographs from Thomas Rousset and Raphael Verona's book Waska Tatay
These are portraits of modern healers and medicine workers who carry traditions from the ancient past into this time of plastic bags and cellphones.

July 5, 2014

⩤◈⩥ Symbolic Metamorphism ⩤◈⩥

AEC and Waone duo Interesni Kazki surrealist murals.

"Surrealism is a world view, like next level perception of the world, out of the normal physical senses. Surrealism is a kind of reality, imagined with symbols. It’s like a dream, when subconscious or sometimes the “Higher Mind” tells you, through the images, symbols and colors, something very important about real life." -Waone