October 23, 2014

◖◖◉ New Moon's Womb ◉◗◗

Happy Diwali + New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse! Illustrations by Karina Eibatova.

October 8, 2014

◢⋮◣ Mercado Sagrado ◢⋮◣

Prism of Threads will be at the Mercado Sagrado hosted by 
All For The Mountain Heather Culp this weekend! 
If you live near Los Angeles, here are a few reasons to come: Topanga Canyon is magical, you can have your aura photographed by Radiant Human, my husband Stephen McCarty will be debuting autumn-esque organic raw desserts, and every vendor at this event inspires me to no end! 

RSVP is required! To purchase tickets email: rsvpmercadosagrado@gmail.com
Detail of Stephen's rainbow raw vegan cheesecake made of beet, turmeric, 
spirulina, and blueberry! 

October 7, 2014

⋯◯⋯ Painted Wisdom ⋯◯⋯

These beautiful works of art embody the spirit of sisterhood, a bond between women and the earth we share. Each of these is a finalist to be selected as the 2015 Spirit Weavers Gathering artwork. To vote on your favorite, click on the link below!  
Elspeth Mclean
Sandra Betancort
Rebecca Leach
Isabelle Bryna
Karen Inman
Lily Swindle

September 3, 2014

◇ Goddess Rising ◇

Current mood: Judy Chicago, Atmospheres 1967. She makes her offering; she is the offering; burned and purified.

September 2, 2014

◎ Through the Heart of Summer ⦾

 Summer fades to autumn, and what a glorious time it has been! I've experienced profound personal growth through the vortex of obstacles. Reflecting on these gifts of understanding and embracing the next seasonal chapter. Photographs, weavings, and more by Karolina Daria Flora.

August 15, 2014

⋙ Sandstone Caftan Pre-order ⋘

To any women that missed the opportunity to own the Prism of Threads sandstone caftan, I wanted to offer one last ⋘ pre-order ⋙ through Monday. Infinite love and gratitude! Gorgeous photo by Linda Beecroft.

⥤⥢ Desert Mirage ⥤⥢

Painted nude series featuring Kelley Ash by Shae Detar.