December 30, 2013

⦑⦑⦑⦑⦑⦑ 2013 ⦒⦒⦒⦒⦒⦒

The Eight of Pentacles
"Craftsmanship, Skill"

The spider... a true master of her craft. She weaves against all odds with skill, intricacy, & confidence. -The Wild Unknown

I began weaving this Prism web in 2011. Dreams, manifestations, and fearlessness led me to this path of creation. This is a visual best of 2013 including 
styling work, vintage shows, art exhibitions, and inspiring trips. 
My animal totem card reading by Jane Anne Thomas
Minnie Driver photographed by Alexandra Valenti
Crystal Fighters photographed by Neil Krug
The Venice Bazaar at The Sacred Door Prism/Scout racks 
My hand painted silk caftan for the Women's Textile Show
Future Eyes' portrait at the opening 
Hot Springs Birthday Blessings, 31 on 3.13.2013
My partner, soulmate Stephen McCarty & I soaking up sunbeams
Inspiring vintage painted silk at A Current Affair
Vintage bangles from New/Found & handwoven pieces by Jess Feury
Dinosaur Jr.
Our polaroid from Neil Krug's Pulp Art Book exhibition 
Hot Springs with Natasha 
Bat For Lashes photographed by Neil Krug
Washed Out photographed by Shae Detar
Miss KK & I at the premiere of The Source Family
Sick & Sacred, The Morgans' wedding
Incredible bust & ying yang snake mermaid tail by Elena Stonaker
Big Sur
San Francisco 
Studio visit with April Rose aka Rainbow Kimono
My painting for the Archaic Revival Show "Fetal Attraction"
Balinese dreams photographed by Amanda Charchian
Sacred Flowers & Spring Equinox collages
Layered memories; Kauai, Jamul, & Transmission LA spinwheel 
Summer Solstice embroidered sculptures by Elena Stonker
Prism beams with Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice at Parachute
Nathalie Kelley photographed by Neil Krug
 Daughter of the Sun, beaming love & truth 
Prism tags & cards hand painted by yours truly
Reunited with Natasha Khan in NYC
The Prism of Threads booth at A Current Affair
Inside Edward Sharpe's Big Top captured by Galen Oakes
Pre Big Top rainbow feather fun
Ojai adventures with Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown and...
...The Morgans
Elena Stonaker & her cosmic mother scuplture 
Thankful for this heart opening experience, We are woven!
Stephen & I sang along in the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros "Please!" music video
 A Current Affair Prism of treasures

As I reflect on this past year, Nathalie Kelley's feature on 
The Bharani Effect resonates with me. Be a conscious consumer. Empower yourself. Know where your clothing & food comes from. Support local farmers markers. Without being too preachy I share these words from my heart, that they may resonate with you. Together we can create a better future based on our individual consumer decisions.

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