March 24, 2012

░ ░ ░ ░ A Current Affair ░ ░ ░ ░

Last weekend was A Current Affair! I shared a booth with the legendary Joey Grana of Scout LA. Jeana Sohn of Closet Visit hosted the event and styled ten looks for the show. Hi Styley also captured my New Age casual Sunday ensemble!
A few pre-show photographs
Prim Of Threads vintage silk blouse! More coming soon...
Joey & I
Here are some of my favorite Closet Visit's Jeana has photographed.
Kathryn Bentley
Kathryn's Dream Collective jewelry
Nicole Simone
Cathy Cooper
Jasmine Croissant
A Current Affair also just launched an online vintage store! Link below!

March 20, 2012

Ribbon ◢◣ Snake

I discovered Hadley Holliday's work last week when I went to Cookbook to pickup some delicious grub. I was transfixed by one of her paintings which took up the whole wall. I'm excited to see more work by this Los Angeles based artist!  

⌇⌇⌇Thought Forms⌇⌇⌇

Every thought is said to generate vibrations in the aura's mental body, which radiate floating form and color depending on the nature and intensity of the thought. Annie Besant and C.W Leadbeater created a book in 1901 illustrating the effect of music, emotion and colors generated by thought. 
intellectual aspiration
meeting a friend
the intention to know
the gambler & a street accident
watchful jealousy
the six directions of cosmic order
peace and protection
sudden fright
radiating affection
high ambition
explosive anger