September 27, 2011

⑆⑆⑆⑆ The Affair ⑆⑆⑆⑆

What an amazing experience this past weekend was selling at my first ever vintage show! The event took place at the Cooper Design Space on the eleventh floor. It had quite a view of downtown Los Angeles. Just before the event began I took a sneak peek at other booths that made taking photographs hard since there were so many one of kind pieces to try on...
Holga photos taken by Sissy of Sainte MarieVintage 
Rhiannon & I in the Prism wearing her alluring beaded earrings
Tavin's beautiful nomad booth
Vintage autumn looks created by Melissa Coker of Wren 
Liza Baca of The Goods! stellar collection of vintage with Booboo below & Just Say Native's textile dreamscape 
Already looking forward to the next A Current Affair December 3rd and 4th! 

September 20, 2011

✜✜✜ A Current Affair ✜✜✜

The past several weeks have been busy for Prism Of Threads! This weekend I will have a booth at the illustrious vintage show A Current Affair. I've been preparing a collection of vintage textile huipil inspired dresses & silk screened my own P.O.T neon magic mushroom shirts. Joining me at the booth will be my beautiful friend Rhiannon selling her Ghost Dancer jewelry; one of a kind Native American inspired beaded earrings. 
Here are some looks from past & present Affairs styled by Joey Grana of Scout.
Artist Edith Abeyta will create a site specific installation for A Current Affair! She uses salvaged material to create these free form sculptures.

September 17, 2011

⋘⋘⤜⥉⤛⋙⋙ New Mexico ⋘⋘⤜⥉⤛⋙⋙

They journey began at the sacred Zuni Dowa Yalanne mesa or Corn Mountain. Closed to outsiders, I could feel the Zuni ancestors as I approached the mountain. The mesa dates back to the Jurassic Period (135-180 million years ago) when it was formed by sand dunes. Its mythology name is the "House of the Gods and the making of Rain, Lighting and Thunder." Another highlight of this Southwest excursion was visiting Sessann of the amazing Earth Age blog, Cosmic Dust tumblr & creator of Three Arrows Leather. Off the grid of electricity, phone & modern convenience, we headed into the wilderness. There was sage as far an the eye could see. She lives in an Earthship (a solar powered house made of recycled materials) at 7,000 feet! It was one of the most freeing experiences to truly be with nature. We also stopped at the Petrified Forest (a field of fallen rainbow logs that are 225 million years old) in Arizona & viewed ancient petroglyphs. What a trip! 
Sessann's inspirational blog