January 16, 2012

ꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡ Tooter & pıɔɐ uo ʇɐɔ ɐ ꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡꐡ

I've been having a photo love affair with Carmen Hawk for years now. Inspired by cats, tacos, wrestling & the Butthole Surfers we chase the sunshine or as we call it "The Glow Thing" while exploring the quiet streets of Pasadena. Most recently, my neighbor moved out leaving her couch on the street. This made for the perfect photo op & not a moment too soon as it got hauled away! She is my Tooter & I am her cat on acid.