August 28, 2012


So in love with the photography & handmade lamps by Ana Kras. 

∞ Chained Together ∞

A blend of stainless steel, brass, silver & gold chain weaving by Arielle De Pinto.

⧕⦂⦂⦂⧔ New Friends ⧕⦂⦂⦂⧔

Weavings by Alexandra Segreti & Kelly Rakowski.

August 21, 2012

△ Venice Bazaar △

This Saturday i'll be selling vintage and the silk pieces I created with Scout at the All For The Mountain studio! When I was in Kauai Amy of Daughter of the Sun photographed these silk kaleidoscopes. Below is a link to Amy's blog for the full story!

August 19, 2012

Behind the Scenes with: Neil Krug

This weekend I styled Nathalie Kelley in a shoot with Neil Krug. It was such an honor to be a part of this dream team. A double rainbow greeted us as we arrived at the epic location. Neil's natural gifts as an artist were perfectly matched to Nathalie's stunning beauty. The talented Jennifer Ziliotto and Candice Birns worked make-up and hair magic. Below are some pictures of the creative process and some serious relaxing. So much more to come...