January 20, 2015

♒ New Moon Manifestation ♒

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! Honoring this time of deep reflection with an organic smoothie bowl of cherimoya, banana, fresh hemp milk and Sun Potion's incredible tonic herbs! Rainbow mandala of raspberry, mango turmeric, spirulina, and blueberry made with love by Stephen McCarty!

January 4, 2015

♋ Full Moon Reflections ♋

A special smoothie bowl in honor of the first full moon of the year! My love Stephen McCarty and I created this: cacao, acai, fresh hempmilk and banana with Sun Potion astragalus, maca, and lavender. Swirls of mango turmeric, blueberry, and raspberry goji. Topped with fresh berries and bee pollen. All organic and a joy to share with love!