December 19, 2012

⫷☥⫸ Third Eye Memories ⫷☥⫸

Guy Blakeslee/Third Eye Memories created a new blog full of inspiring handmade collages and music which are also for sale! 

"There's no beginning and no end, and everything in between is one and the same. All is one, and that must be our way of looking at the world, for it is simply so. The space-time continuum holds the potential for infinite dimensions and, as in a hologram or holograph, everything is everywhere all at once. Our perception and its conditioning, either by external forces or by our own choice or will, largely determine the nature of our own individual, moment to moment realities. All of these stories are streams from the same river, all of these lives and legends spun from the same original strands, scattered by the same explosive blast of becoming, ever evolving in cycles and circles that reflect and balance each other. Dreams are as real as waking life. It's all an illusion. What you think about is what you experience and in this, you have a choice. -Third Eye Memories."

December 18, 2012

⥤◈⥢ Wild & Primitive ⥤◈⥢

A few months back Alexandra Valenti & I took a trip to some California natural hot springs. We covered our faces in the sulfur rich mud. She surprised me with this beautiful hand painted portrait yesterday! Below are also some of Alexandra's latest from her Wild Horses series.

December 15, 2012

December 11, 2012

⦿⫕◉⫖⦿ Ken Price ⦿⫕◉⫖⦿

I've recently become a crazed obsessed fan of Ken Price. I love his futuristic desert dwelling exploding volcano creatures and trailer park naked ladies. LACMA currently has retrospective on his sculptures up until January 6th.