July 10, 2012

Back to the Garden

Kaua'i is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. Her nurturing Grandmother energy helps us to reconnect with the divine and remember who we really are. The deeper we hiked into nature the deeper we went within ourselves. The daily dialogue that clouds the mind became silent. We camped the two weeks we were there, exploring beaches, mountains, and water-filled caves. So much more than a vacation! 
Ka'a, near where Taylor Camp use to be!
Spouting Horn
From my Nihau shell hunt  
Double rainbow!
Wailua Falls from above
Wailua from below, rope hike down!
The Blue Room/The Womb 
Cave swimming 
One of my favorite hikes with a view of the Kalalau Valley. Mountains, mist & ocean.
Pihea Vista Trail
Waimea Canyon
Reunited with Patsy, our home on wheels for week one of our trip! 
Polihale, point of departure for souls leaving the island.
Sacred Noni fruit; anti-cancer, liver protection, anti-inflammatory & immune booster. Smells & tastes like brie cheese!
Wild orchids along the Na Pali coast
A rainbow greeted us as we began the 7 mile roundtrip hike to the Hanakapi'ai Falls.
The most epic waterfall of my life!
Giving Thanks
Stephen swimming at the bottom
Peridot crystals I found in the sand
Icosahedron blast off with Daughter of the Sun!
Fresh Ylang Ylang
Purple yoni mana mama!
Merkabah time travel 
Celebrating Amy's birthday & 8 years of friendship! Feels like i've known her forever!

 All photographs taken by Stephen & I with my iphone! 
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  1. Woah
    Serious amazing overload! Every single photo is so beautiful, it just kept on going!

    I REALLY enjoyed these photos, thank you for sharing

    You are a celestial mega babe

    The October Union

  2. beautiful photos! i love every single one of them.

  3. Tracy you captured Mama Kauai in her fullest beauty!! These photos are a beautiful reflection of what's inside us all. Thank you for coming back to this healing land and tuning into your heart so that your love can shine through even more! I am grateful for you, I am grateful for our friendship. What a magical journey we have traveled. The beauty path is always at our feet if we choose it. i love you! xx

  4. So incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these!

  5. What a magical journey! Such a beautiful sight to see. It looks so dreamy and almost unreal! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous and inspiring photos. xo

  6. Incredibly inspiring set of photos! I've never been to Hawaii, and now I'm itching to go more than ever before. I need to get there somehow!

  7. ☼ incredible and inspiring as always! love you mama ☼

  8. Wowowowow~~~~~!!!!!! U are ruling it! You look amazing in your Egyptian outfit! Lovvvvve! :)

  9. love this sooo much! so inspiring and I love your skirt in the first bit of photos. you have a wonderful eye

  10. such exquisite photographs. you truly are such an inspiration. <3

  11. you and Amy look like sisters!
    thank you for collecting so many beautiful things on this blog, i've been going through the archives for days now! thank you for the inspiration!

  12. @ open heart free spirit: Thank YOU for inspiring! Your travels are breathtaking. You are such a beautiful soul! Glad Amy connected us! xoxo