March 24, 2012

░ ░ ░ ░ A Current Affair ░ ░ ░ ░

Last weekend was A Current Affair! I shared a booth with the legendary Joey Grana of Scout LA. Jeana Sohn of Closet Visit hosted the event and styled ten looks for the show. Hi Styley also captured my New Age casual Sunday ensemble!
A few pre-show photographs
Prim Of Threads vintage silk blouse! More coming soon...
Joey & I
Here are some of my favorite Closet Visit's Jeana has photographed.
Kathryn Bentley
Kathryn's Dream Collective jewelry
Nicole Simone
Cathy Cooper
Jasmine Croissant
A Current Affair also just launched an online vintage store! Link below!


  1. love all the bracelets

  2. So sad i wasn't able to make it to this one, can't wait for the next Current Affair market! Oh, and Jasmine Croissants closetvisit was amazing, i love how her shopping tip was "Dont shop, dance. things come to you that way"

  3. So cool!! Wish I could beam myself out there for one of these events... also love the Hadley Holliday paintings in the Kathryn Bentley photo! ;)

  4. Sara wish you could beam yourself over too! Looking forward to meeting you sometime in the near future! @The Aquarians, Yes! come to the next A Current Affair! I have a feeling it is going to be the best one yet. @AugustBird, if you love Kathryn's jewelry checkout her Dream Collective website! Xo