April 24, 2011

╡╡╡Cowgirls In The Sand╞╞╞

It all started back in New York City around 2004. The first time I saw Amy, she was reading a Fleetwood Mac autobiography and I was wearing a Neil Young Old Ways cow skull shirt. We were both waiting for the bus on Bedford Avenue. We couldn't resist the magnetic force that kept us catching glances of each other from the corners of our eyes. It wasn't until July 4th at a rooftop party in Brooklyn that we finally just went up to each other and said "Do you want to be friends?!" Even Amy's return to Los Angeles several months later couldn't slow our friendship down. She inspired me to make art again. We shared a love for owls and so I drew psychedelic rainbow owls! I have felt unconditional love and support through life's many changes. What a blessing to have Amy as my friend! 
 My first trip to California
 Autumn creatures 
 North 6th
 Integratron New Years '08
 Halloween weekend at Chris & Courtney's 
 Freaky Elves 
 Desert vibrations 
Owl art made by me
 Leo Carrillo beach babes
 Laughed so hard we cried! 
This past October Amy welcomed a beautiful daughter named Naia into the world! Her and her partner Augustin have been living in Kauai for the past year and in two weeks we will be reunited! I'm looking forward to experiencing some Kauai island magic! 
Photograph by Alissa Anderson
Amy's baby shower
 Naia we love you!

Amy also hand crafts amazing jewelry! You can find her sacred creations on Etsy along with her blog


  1. Put me in your suitcase !!! I love you two!! and this suger sweet post made me cry!!

  2. What a wonderful friendship!!!

  3. Tracy...what a wonderful friend and beautiful celebration of your friendship!

  4. I can't wait to see you & Andy! We will all get to celebrate soon! xo

  5. Sigh, i love you Trashy Sparkle Fart. Naia pooped a seashell today, just for you! xx She will teach you how to do it when you get here!

  6. Hahahah! What! I hope you saved that sea shell for me! XOXOXO

  7. hey, i would like you to check out my blog :)

    i hope you will like it

  8. What a stunning blog! Oh feel like i've just reached the tip of the iceberg! Going to add Prism of Threads to our blog roll right now : ) XX Thanks for the inspiration! Lizzy