May 6, 2012

⦉⦚⦊⦉⦚⦊⦉⦚⦊ The Art of the Scarf ⦉⦚⦊⦉⦚⦊⦉⦚⦊

Jenny Kee is an Australocentric fashion icon whose designs reflect her native land and an experimental spirit honed by three of the most dynamic decades for fashion in the twentieth century. At Australia's Fashion Week, Jenny showcased ten looks based on her textile work from 1980-2012 called "The Art of the Scarf." One of these was used by Karl Lagerfeld in his first collection. Romance Was Born helped to curate and style the retrospective.
Opal print used by Lagerfeld


  1. Oh this is so beautiful! and so inspirational! I love especially the catwalk photos with the trees and branches.

  2. Absolutely magnificent!

  3. Jenny Kee is the BEST!!!!!!! lovelovelovelove!!