May 31, 2014

◇◇◇ We Are Woven ◇◇◇

  No words can describe the magic experienced at the 
2nd Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering this past week. Together we camped under the stars, surrendered to the elements and became one with desert. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for the 250 women I shared ceremony with. Thank you Amy Woodruff aka Daughter of The Sun for having the vision to bring us together! Here are some pictures I took along with some favorites from the 
#spiritweaversgathering on Instagram. 
Boulder Sanctuary 
Juice Ceremony with Angela de la Agua 
Nathalie Kelley's Afro Brazilian Dance Workshop 
The Gift of Ritual with Maggie Harrsen
Buckskin Medicine Bag making with Amy
Sunset over the gathering
Having a moment with the Rainbow Crystal Tree covered in Claire Hummel jewelry 
Beautiful beings wearing Prism of Threads along with Teyha Shea's incredible weavings 
April Rose's Earth Hues silk teepee
Claire Hummel, jeweler/Superwoman 
Indigo dying with Niki Livingston, I made the textile on the right!
My goddess pot I created in Amara Alban & Caitlyn Dean's sacred pottery workshop
Beautiful Maria, 8 months pregnant 
Infinite Gratitude, how is this real! 
Sweet Medicine 
Stone Thugs & Harmony 
Offerings to the Earth
Cactus blooms scattered throughout the land 
Wild Fermentation taught by Mila Redwood
Together we are woven! Sisters of The Loom!

May 19, 2014

Prism of Threads x Neil Krug

It's official... I have a new website, shop, blog, & more! 

Here is the first image from a new art series by Neil Krug + Prism of Threads featuring Jessica Mau!