August 15, 2014

⋙ Sandstone Caftan Pre-order ⋘

To any women that missed the opportunity to own the Prism of Threads sandstone caftan, I wanted to offer one last ⋘ pre-order ⋙ through Monday. Infinite love and gratitude! Gorgeous photo by Linda Beecroft.

⥤⥢ Desert Mirage ⥤⥢

Painted nude series featuring Kelley Ash by Shae Detar.

August 11, 2014

⋯◯⋯ The Sandstone takes Manhattan ⋯◯⋯

The Prism of Threads sandstone caftan is now available at Beautiful Dreamers in 
New York City! Picture by Linda Beecroft: photographer, muse, & drummer of the 

August 10, 2014

⩗⩗⩗ Form & Facets ⩘⩘⩘

Sunday inspiration: geometric ceramic vessels by Cody Hoyt.

August 7, 2014

⋯ A Midsummer Night's Dream ⋯

To bloom or not to bloom, that is the question. Paintings by Marta Marzal.

August 6, 2014

⧽⧽ Dress to the Next Dimension ⧼⧼

Paintings of swirling textiles and beautiful accessories by Naomi Okubo.

⌇⌇⌇Lucid Motions⌇⌇

Current mood: paintings by Andrea Castro.

Prism of Threads x Lookout & Wonderland

Prism of Threads x Lookout & Wonderland: A Cosmic Collaboration.
A limited edition collection of gauze caftans designed by Prism of Threads and hand dyed in organic natural indigo by Lookout & Wonderland. Each piece is hand sewn in LA and then hand bound by Niki Livingston of Lookout & Wonderland to create intricate, one of a kind shibori patterns. The dresses are then dipped multiple times over two weeks in natural fermented organic indigo vats to create beautiful shades of indigo blue.
Indigo is true magic! It is an alchemical dye that begins green and then wondrously changes to the recognizable hues of blue. With a history nearly seven thousand years long, natural indigo is one of the oldest botanical dyes still in continuous use today. To learn more about the indigo dyeing process visit:
This project is a celebration of sisterly love and creative spontaneity. Each caftan is a wearable piece of art, as such no two caftans will be exactly alike. Visit for more: