April 26, 2012

◢◈◣ Cave of Forgotten Dreams ◢◈◣

Paintings by Christian Hidaka via 50 Watts.

≫≫≫ Bottles of Light ≪≪≪

On Earth Day, Daughter of the Sun and Penabranca shared a beautiful collaboration: Bottles of Light! Each bottle transmits a powerful graphic and carry Amazonite crystals which inspire truth, clarity and can even unlock psychic vision! 

These sacred creations can be purchased through Amy's Etsy shop.

April 17, 2012

⏆ Spirit of the Lake ⏆

 It is so rare to find an original voice in photography. Alexandra Valenti is that voice. Leslie Crow's jewelry embodies spirit and beauty that come from within. What a powerful moment!

April 14, 2012


 I love the Aussie design duo Romance Was Born! A few years back they collaborated with artist Kate Rohde who describes her work as what the "natural history museum would look like on acid." The fall/winter 2012 rainbow cape and skirt are especially amazing!   

April 7, 2012

◹◹◹ △ ◸◸◸ Painted Prism ◹◹◹ △ ◸◸◸

I am thrilled to finally share these Prism Of Threads handmade vintage painted silk blouses & Kaleidoscope dress! I paired up with the incredible Shae Detar to photograph these one of a kind pieces in a magical dome, adobe oasis, and a bamboo geodesic hut. These are unique pieces and are available on my Etsy!  

Styled/Created by - Tracy Conti McCarty & Joey Grana
Model - Kristin Korven
Photography - Shae Detar
Makeup - Jennifer Ziliotto